What Happened in 1926?

As we celebrate the 90th anniversary of Maymont’s public opening this year, we decided to see what else was happening 90 years ago in 1926.
Here are a few fun highlights:

  • The first trans-Atlantic telephone call – between London and New York – was made.
  • “Winnie-the-Pooh” by A. A. Milne was published.
  • Restoration of Colonial Williamsburg began.
  • Queen Elizabeth II and Marilyn Monroe were born.
  • The television was demonstrated publicly for the first time.
  • Agecroft Hall was shipped from England to be reassembled in Richmond.
  • Altria Theater in Richmond was constructed to be used by the Shriners as the ACCA Temple Shrine.
  • The Mixing Bowl bakery in Richmond opened.
  • Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Church in Richmond opened a museum devoted to the Rev. John Jasper.
  • Henry Ford announced the 40-hour work week.
  • The first automatic pop-up toaster was introduced.
  • Richard E. Byrd and Floyd Bennett made the first flight over the North Pole.
  • Ernest Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises” was published.
  • National Broadcasting Company radio (NBC) was launched.
  • The movie “Don Juan,” starring John Barrymore, debuted as the first movie with synchronized music and sound effects.
  • Silent film heart throb, Rudolph Valentino, and magician, Harry Houdini, died.
  • Popular songs included “Bye Bye Blackbird” and “When Day is Done.”