Carriage Rides

Step back in time aboard a horse-drawn carriage to experience Maymont in Gilded Age style! Move through the magnificent Victorian country estate of James and Sallie Dooley just as they would have traveled, and delight in the tranquil slower pace of another era. Admire the picturesque outbuildings, expansive lawns, award-winning trees, and the magnificent exterior of the 33-room Maymont Mansion from a unique and relaxing point of view.

Private Carriage Tours

Choose from a casual 6-passenger wagonette or elegant 2-passenger surrey.
$100 full estate tour to Japanese Garden / $50 half estate tour near Maymont Mansion (add $50 for bookings after 5pm)

Group Carriage Rides

5-10 minute rides near Maymont Mansion in a 6-passenger wagonette (maximum 6 people per ride/72 people per hour)
$200/hr (add $50/hr for bookings after 5pm)

For reservations, call 804-358-9492 orĀ email our Carriage Collection Manager.