Help Replant the Tulip Poplar!

Did you know that Richmond boasts a nationally recognized arboretum, right in the heart of town?

Eventually, time and weather will take their toll on even the most beloved trees, like the 150-year-old Tulip Poplar in 2021. For generations, the enormous trunk and spreading crown of this Virginia native made it a popular site for weddings, picnics, class trips and generational family photos.

Maymont recognizes its responsibility to future generations to preserve the arboretum. This year, we will replant a Tulip Poplar to replace the one that fell. All planting and replacement decisions are guided by a Woody Plant Collection policy designed to preserve the historical landscape plan.

You can help ensure that Maymont’s arboretum continues to inspire visitors for generations to come by donating today through Giving Tuesday on Nov. 29! The first $10,000 raised of our $25,000 goal will be generously matched by True Timber Arborists.

Over a century ago, James and Sallie May Dooley carefully selected over 200 species of trees and plants to transform the former dairy farm into a showplace. They selected the most distinguished trees for planting in strategic locations visible from the Mansion, such as the majestic Blue Atlas Cedar and Tulip Poplar.

Those trees have flourished, with nearly 20 ranking as state and national champions for their species, thanks to ample room and attentive care from Maymont’s horticulturists and outside tree professionals, such as True Timber Arborists.

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