Tribute Gifts

Honor loved ones, commemorate special occasions, or proclaim your family’s affection for Maymont with a tribute gift. The purchase of farm pavers and tree memorials are fully tax deductible. For more information, call 804-358-7166, ext. 318.

Marie's Butterfly Garden at Maymont


Your honorary or memorial gift will help keep this special place open today and for generations to come.

Field Trip

Farm Pavers

Purchase a commemorative paver at the Maymont Farm entrance plaza, located in front of the barn. Thousands of young families and animal enthusiasts flock to this well-loved corner of Maymont each year for animal encounters, programs and birthday parties, and the Farm entrance also serves as a pathway to the wildlife habitats. Pavers are available in three sizes.

Photo credit Shutterbatte Photography


Select a new tree to be planted within Maymont’s 100-acre estate to help maintain and expand the beautiful arboretum first established when the Dooleys lived here. Maymont’s rolling hills and parkland offer the perfect setting to honor a loved one or mark a special occasion with a lasting tribute.

Button Memorial Bench Arboretum


Add a beautiful and functional scroll bench with an engraved plaque to Maymont's arboretum. Your contribution will not only serve as a commemoration, it also will provide a resting spot for guests among the award-winning trees within Maymont's 100-acre arboretum.