Media Style Guide

Maymont is a 100-acre American estate on the banks of the James River given to all of us by James and Sallie Dooley who lived there from 1893 to 1925. Maymont is a special place where the manmade elegance of art and architecture is surrounded by the natural beauty of plants, animals, waters and paths. Whether strolling through the gardens, touring the mansion, watching river otters play, petting a goat or picnicking on the lawn, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Now maintained and operated by the nonprofit Maymont Foundation, it features the opulent Maymont Mansion and original Italian and Japanese gardens in addition to a Carriage Collection, Farm, Nature Center, Native Virginia Wildlife Exhibits and an extensive Arboretum.

  • The property is called “Maymont” (not “Maymont Park”).
  • Maymont Mansion (formerly called “Maymont House Museum” or “Dooley Mansion”). A restored 33-room house museum representing the luxurious lifestyle of the Gilded Age, open for tours year-round.
  • James Henry & Sallie May Dooley (not “Sally”).
  • Maymont Farm and Farm Barn (not “petting zoo”). Features domesticated farm animals.
  • Maymont Wildlife Habitats (not “zoo”). Natural, outdoor habitats for native Virginia wildlife including black bear, bison, fox, bobcat, birds of prey, and sika deer. Most of Maymont’s animals were orphaned or injured and could not survive in the wild.
  • The Robins Nature & Visitor Center at Maymont (The “Robins” name may be dropped when referring to just one part of the facility, i.e.: “the Nature Center at Maymont,” “the Visitor Center at Maymont”). The Nature Center features James River exhibits, interactive galleries, 20-foot waterfall, fish, turtles, owls, river otters and more.
  • Maymont Gardens (including the Italian Garden, Japanese Garden); Maymont Carriage Collection; Maymont Arboretum (tree collection).
  • Maymont Foundation, the nonprofit organization that maintains and operates Maymont.
  • Maymont’s Shields Lake Drive Entrance, Maymont’s main visitor entrance at 2201 Shields Lake Drive in Byrd Park. Guests are encouraged to begin their visit to Maymont here.
  • Maymont’s Historic Estate Entrance, Maymont’s entrance at 1700 Hampton Street. This is the easiest access to Maymont Mansion and the Gardens and serves as Maymont’s mailing address (zip code 23220).
  • Maymont’s Spottswood Entrance, Maymont’s entrance closest to the Farm and Wildlife Habitats, located at Shirley Avenue and Spottswood Road near the Boulevard Bridge.