Pokémon Go: Catch 'Em All at Maymont!

Pokemon at Maymont


Release Date: July 15, 2016

From Eevee to Cubone to Growlithe to Bulbasaur, it’s monster madness at Maymont as Pokémon Go players are trying to “catch ‘em all” on the 100-acre estate. Since the game’s release more than a week ago, it’s topped Twitter’s daily users and sees more engagement than Facebook. Here’s your guide to playing Pokémon Go at Maymont.

Seek and Find

Whether you’re in the gardens or visiting the animals, you are sure to come across a Pokémon. Maymont is home to more than 35 Pokestops and three gyms. Visit them all and you’ll not only catch a bunch of characters, you’ll enjoy a great tour of Maymont, too! We’ve searched the grounds and found them hiding in the gazebos, exploring Raptor Valley, checking out the Nature Center exhibits and enjoying the Japanese Garden waterfall. If you catch one in a cool place, be sure to tweet us your photos @Maymont or tag us on Instagram #maymontrva. Additional Pokestops include:

  • Japanese Garden Grotto
  • Italian Garden Pergola
  • Carriage House
  • Maymont Mansion
  • Wetlands
  • Bobcat Exhibit

Safety First

Make sure to stay safe while searching. Pokémon characters may be located near our wild animals, but you don’t want to be! Respect all barriers, stay on marked pathways – especially in the gardens – and steer clear of restricted areas for your safety. Be mindful of guests who may or may not be hunting Pokémon, and be careful when walking the 100-acre estate – don’t be put on the injured Pokémon trainer’s list!

Don’t let the virtual animals keep you from enjoying all Maymont has to offer – real animals that would like your attention, beautiful gardens planted for your enjoyment, and the opulent, Gilded Age home of James and Sallie Dooley. While seeking out Pokémon, make sure to talk to our animal trainers, horticulturists or mansion docents who would love to share their knowledge with you and may have a few helpful hints for finding the mysterious creatures. Check out our online mobile tours for another great way to learn more about the estate.

Download Pokémon Go on iOS and Andriod smartphones. You must have GPS for the game to work. Charging stations are set up at Maymont’s Nature Center and near the mansion for your convenience. Have fun and be safe!

Catch ‘Em All at Maymont

Gather your friends and family and join us on Thursday, July 28 from 6:30-9pm for an exclusive, after-hours Pokémon Go event as we activate lures in the app and explore the grounds in search of mysterious creatures that only come out at night! $10 per person/$5 Maymont members. Adults must accompany children 15 and under. Enter at the Nature & Visitor Center. Tickets are limited to the first 300 registrants. Find out more and register in advance.