Say Hello to Maymont's New Crow

Maymont's Pied Crow


Release Date: February 1, 2018

Maymont kicked off the New Year with a new animal addition, welcoming an African pied crow to the estate. Donated to Maymont from a partner in Northern Virginia, the female crow is eight months old. She has been named ‘Ginny,’ short for Virginia, as a nod to her home state and as reference to Edgar Allan Poe, the well-known author with strong ties to Richmond. Poe is known for his connection with corvids (the family of birds that includes crows, ravens, jays and magpies), and his wife was named Virginia. Pied crows are recognized as intelligent and active animals and are capable of – and enjoy – performing a variety of tasks.

“Ginny is incredibly inquisitive and loves to explore her environment,” said Anaka Nazareth, Maymont’s Manager of Animal Training. “Her intense interest in everything around her and the lightning-fast pace at which she learns makes her one of the most challenging and fun animals to train here at Maymont!”

Maymont’s Executive Director, Parke Richeson, shares Anaka’s enthusiasm for Ginny’s arrival. “Maymont is honored to act as a sanctuary for hundreds of animals and we’re excited to make a home for Ginny,” she said. “As an active member of our Education Team, she will help guests learn about animal behaviors and will bring joy to the community.”

The African pied crow, Corvus albus, has black feathers and a distinctive white breast and collar. They are highly social birds that are commonly found in pairs or small groups and are known for mobbing birds of prey, such as owls and hawks. Often found in mountainous habitats, the crow is becoming increasingly common in urban and suburban areas. While the majority of animals at Maymont are native to Virginia, the African pied crow – as its name suggests – is native to eastern and sub-Saharan Africa and is the continent’s most widespread crow species. Ginny will help Maymont’s education team to not only show off the general characteristics of birds, but also to talk about the characteristics of corvids and the ways they adapt and interact with their environment.

Guests can see Ginny during Behind the Scenes and VIP Animal Experience tours, as well as meet her through Maymont’s Animal Training Adventures program. She also will be making appearances during upcoming summer camps, school programs and special events. For more information, call 804-358-7166, ext. 310 or visit

Since 1975, Maymont has been maintained and operated by the private nonprofit Maymont Foundation. The Foundation must raise more than $3 million each year through donations to keep the estate open to the public.

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