May is for Maymont

Maymont brings moments of delight to guests every day and has continued to do so since 1926. The parkland and gardens are open daily, giving the community a place to enjoy fresh air, exercise and simple joys. During May, flowers are blooming, fountains are splashing and the animals are up to their usual spring antics.

Maymont is here for all of us—every day in May and all year long. Help celebrate Maymont this month!

Help support everything that makes Maymont special by joining in the “May is for Maymont” fundraising campaign.

Any amount you donate in May will continue to build on the momentum provided by the generosity of Juno Financial Group, who has pledged a matching challenge to raise $10,000 in individual donations. We have increased our goal to raise $31,000 – $1,000 per day! – by May 31. Won’t you join in making this the best May fundraiser ever?

Upcoming at Maymont!

The Robins Nature Center
Maymont Mansion

May 6
6-10pm; Carriage House Lawn

Summer Kickoff Concert

May 9 & 23
10-11am; Maymont Farm
Toddler Time: Down on the Farm

Tuesday, May 10, 17, 24 and 31
6-7pm; Maymont Farm

Community Yoga

May 13
Who's Awake? A Family Night Hike

May 19 & 26
Citizen Science: Frogwatch Workshop

May 21
3-7:30pm; Carriage House Lawn

Mutts at Maymont