In-Person Learning

Maymont’s 100-acre classroom offers unique learning opportunities to incorporate into your planning for the school year. Our educators offer exciting, hands-on adventures that get students up-close and personal with the wonders of the natural world. Students can also discover the fascinating world of the Gilded Age and learn about the lives of the new millionaire class in America as well as those of the working class in a period of dramatic economic, social and technological change. All in-person learning meets the Virginia SOL requirements for either science or history/social science.


Maymont's program for school groups. Hands-on science and history exploration led by a Maymont educator through either The Robins Nature Center or Maymont Mansion.


Self-Guided Tours

Take a self-guided science or history tour through either The Robins Nature Center or Maymont Mansion.

Camp Kids Binoculars

Scavenger Hunts

Explore the grounds and animal habitats with an age appropriate scavenger hunt. Files will be provided for you to print and bring to Maymont. $25 per group.