Enhance Your Event

Maymont offers a variety of special services, including horse-drawn carriage rides and Maymont Mansion tours, to add a unique touch to your event.

Carriage Rides

For reservations, call 804-358-9492 or email our Carriage Collection Manager.

Private Carriage Tours

Choose from a casual 6-passenger wagonette or elegant 2-passenger surrey.
$100 full estate tour to Japanese Garden / $50 half estate tour near Maymont Mansion
(Add $50 for bookings after 5pm.)

Group Carriage Rides

5-10 minute rides near Maymont Mansion in a 6-passenger wagonette (maximum 6 people per ride/72 people per hour)
$200/hr (add $50/hr for bookings after 5pm)

Group Tours

Maymont offers a variety of group tours for your garden club, motorcoach tour or special group. Choose from our unique group packages (for groups of 30 or more) featuring Maymont history, gardens, animals or Victorian Christmas traditions, or customize your own visit from 10 individual tour options. 15-day advance registration is required for groups of 10 or more, even those planning self-guided tours. For details and reservations, contact Maymont’s Group Tour Coordinator at 804-358-7166, ext. 329.


Designed especially for garden clubs and horticultural groups, this package is ideal for those seeking expert information on Maymont’s spectacular historic gardens.

  • Horticulturalist Led Garden Tour
  • Maymont Mansion Tour
  • $18 per person


Christmas at Maymont is simply magical. Experience the grandeur of the season with a costumed tour guide and a festive carriage ride.

  • Costumed Maymont Mansion Tour
  • Carriage Ride
  • $15 per person


$8 per person; 60 minutes
Step back in time to the Victorian era with a visit to the opulent home of James Henry and Sallie May Dooley. Our engaging tour guides will lead your group through the thirty-three room mansion that was the stately home of this prominent southern couple from 1893-1925. Belowstairs, the kitchen, pantries, wine cellar, and other restored rooms reveal the domestic staff’s side of this Virginia upstairs/downstairs story. The Swan Bed and fifteen foot Tiffany window are among the many highlights of this Gilded Age treasure. See the magnificent Christmas decorations on our special holiday tour (annually from mid-November to early January).


$10 per person; 60 minutes
Enhance your tour of Maymont Mansion by engaging a lovely costumed Victorian lady as your guide. Elegantly attired for an afternoon call, circa 1890, she describes entertaining, decorating, fashions and etiquette appropriate for a traditional Victorian residence. Downstairs, see the behind-the-scenes areas where the skilled domestic staff worked to maintain the grandeur upstairs.


$8 per person; 45 minutes
Explore the grounds on foot and get a close look at the breathtaking combination of gardens, outbuildings, carriages and fountains that make Maymont so special. As you walk along, your guide will share historical insights and little-known details about this remarkable estate. This tour will also introduce guests to the stars of our nationally known arboretum – a collection of trees and shrubs found nowhere else in Virginia.


$10 per person; 45 minutes
Discover Maymont’s gardens alongside one of our staff horticulturists. Your group will be led through the formal Italian Garden, the traditional Japanese Garden, the fragrant Herb Garden and the unique Arboretum by an expert in the care and maintenance of these landscaping treasures. This walking-intensive tour is perfect for garden clubs, horticulture students, and floral societies.


$5 per person
Climb aboard Maymont’s wagonette and enjoy the sights and sounds of a bygone era. The carriage will circle the mansion lawn to the now forgotten tune of hooves and wheels on cobblestones. Experience Maymont’s renowned collection of antique and reproduction carriages firsthand in this delightful addition to your group tour.


$50 per 6 people; 30 minutes
See Maymont the way it was meant to be seen—from atop a horse-drawn carriage. In this delightful tour, your group will take in all of the dramatic vistas that were designed specifically to impress visitors arriving by carriage. Your coachman will also entertain you and your guests with a lighthearted tour of the historic estate.


$3 per person; 30 minutes, self-guided
Take a stroll “along the James River” in a facility featuring a 20-foot waterfall and 26,000 gallons of linked aquariums with hundreds of fish, reptiles, and a pair of playful river otters. Your group will be sure to enjoy what The Washington Post called a “transporting experience” with this visit to our Nature Center.


$6 per person; 30 minutes
Step through the “Employees Only” door and explore the inner workings of the Nature Center’s extensive aquariums. Get an exclusive guided view of the complex filtration system and massive pumps in action. Your group will also see how the staff “cooks” each day for the hundreds of animals that live at Maymont.

Maymont reserves the right to offer an abbreviated tour in the event of tardiness. Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to the visit for a refund of the balance. Complimentary admission for tour escort and driver is provided to each group of 25 or more. Reservations are required and payment is due two weeks prior to visit (25% is a non-refundable deposit). Maymont Mansion is not wheelchair accessible, and vigorous walking is required for many of Maymont’s tours. For more information about visiting Maymont, read our Frequently Asked Questions.