Horses at Maymont Farm

Natural History

Before the automobile and tractors, horses were used to pull plows and wagons, and even stagecoaches and barges. Today, most farmers use machinery or automobiles for these tasks. Horses are still used by many mounted police forces, by some ranch hands, and for recreational purposes such as racing.

Horses are very social, since they are herd animals, and enjoy interacting with people. They are smart animals and can be trained to obey the orders of a rider. There are four major gaits in horse movement: Walking (4 mph, as people do); trotting (9 mph); cantering (11 mph); galloping (18.5 mph).  Horses are excellent jumpers and can jump as high as 6 and a half feet. Although domesticated horses are easily trained, they do require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. Their hooves are made of keratin, the same as our fingernails. In the wild, their hooves wear down naturally over time and grow continually. However, domesticated horses travel over hard surfaces and must be shod (when a horse is fit with a shoe). Horseshoes are made of steel and applied by a farrier. Horses also require regular grooming and cleaning of their stalls.

If properly cared for, farm horses can work until the age of 20 and will live 25 to 30 years. Smaller horse breeds and ponies will live longer, with an average of up to 30 years, and are typically used for pulling light loads or carrying children.

Equus caballus



Hay, oats, plant material

900-2,000 lbs, 5-6 ft tall at withers (shoulders), depending on breed

Agricultural areas, forests, grasslands and tundras worldwide

Fun Facts

  • When horses are happy, their tails are held up high!
  • Horsehair from their tails is used for the bows of violins and cellos.
  • One horse always stays awake in the herd to watch out for danger. They can also sleep standing up or lying down.
  • A horse's size is measured in hands and a hand is about 4 inches. Ponies are under 14.2 hands (62 inches) and horses are over 14.2 hands.
  • Horse hooves are made of keratin, the same material that makes up our fingernails. In the wild, horses wear their hooves down naturally, but domestic horses need farriers that make and apply steel horseshoes to their hooves for protection from the hard surfaces they trod on.
  • Before automobiles and tractors, horses were relied on for transportation and farm chores. Today, they are still utilized on some ranches to drive cattle, and by mounted police forces, but are mostly used for recreation and racing.
  • Horses can live up to 25-30 years.
  • Maymont is home to two horses: a Clydesdale/Hackney hybrid and a Standardbred.

Adopt an Animal

Did you know it takes $500,000 each year to feed and care for the animals at Maymont? Your support of the Maymont Adopt an Animal Program helps provide food, care and enrichment to keep the rescued animals active, healthy and engaged.