Summer Discovery Camps

Nature calls! Maymont’s wildly popular summer camps offer outdoor adventures, animal encounters, games, crafts and hands-on activities for nature explorers ages 3-rising 6th graders. Your child will learn and explore with a teacher from Maymont’s discovery camps team, which includes our full-time environmental education staff and certified teachers from local schools. As a special treat, Maymont campers are invited to an end of summer ice cream party hosted by Silver Diner, with special guest Jonathan Austin, games, music and more!

Become a Maymont member and you can sign up early for summer camps and receive a discount! Additional Maymont membership benefits include free admission to the Nature Center, discounts on programs and events, and more! Become a Maymont member.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information, or call 804-358-7168.

Ages 3 -4

Cub Camp

Explore nature with your favorite pre-schooler in this exciting camp! You and your cub will learn about wildlife through games, hikes, crafts, stories and visits with Maymont’s friendly animals. $70/$58 members; second child: $55/48 members.

Tuesday-Thursday, 9:30-11:45am

Session 1: June 13-15
Session 2: July 5-7 (Wednesday-Friday)
Session 3: August 8-10

Ages 4 -5

Seuss Science

One Fish, Two Fish! Fox in Sox!
This camp at Maymont really rocks!
Dr. Seuss stories will lead the way,
with animals, crafts and games to play!
$165/$139 members.

Monday-Friday, 9:15am-12:15pm

Session 1: July 17-21 FULL
Session 2: August 14-18 FULL

Who’s Home?

From snakes in the swamp to mice in the meadow, discover the places that plants and animals call home. Enjoy hikes, stories, crafts and animals! $165/$139 members.

Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm

Session 1: June 19-23 FULL
Session 2: July 24-28
Session 3: August 7-11 FULL

Jaws, Claws and Paws

How do teeth, talons, pinchers and paws help animals defend themselves? Explore unique adaptations, protections, senses and survival skills found in the animal world. $165/$139 members.

Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm

Session 1: June 26-30 FULL
Session 2: July 31-August 4

Rising 1st-2nd Graders

What’s on the Menu?

From grazing goats to hunting hawks, dinnertime in the wild isn’t an easy task! Get tangled up in nature’s food web as we discover who got lunch and who got munched. $165/$139 members.

Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm

Session 1: June 26-30
Session 2: August 14-18

Dodging Danger

How would you survive as a bear or a rabbit? Imagine what it takes to live in the wild as we uncover fun facts about animal habitats and adaptations. $165/$139 members.

Monday-Friday, 9:15am-12:15pm

Session 1: July 24-28
Session 2: August 7-11

That’s Gross!

Check out the stinky, the slimy, and even the creepy to discover the nasty side of nature that helps both plants and animals survive. $165/$139 members.

Monday-Friday, 9:15am-12:15pm

Session 1: June 19-23
Session 2: July 10-14

Rising 2nd-3rd Graders

Life on the Wild Side

Practice your survival skills as you learn about maps and compasses, first aid, extreme weather, and dangers in nature. Compare your survival skills to some of the world’s wildest animals, and investigate how much is learned and how much is instinct. $165/$139 members.

Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm

Session 1: July 17-21 FULL
Session 2: August 14-18

Friends of the Earth

How has the Earth changed over time? And what will it look like in 100 years? Consider the cool and creative ways to “go green” and protect the environment. Investigate alternative energy, recycling, reducing and reusing. $270/$227 members.


Session 1: June 26-30, 9:15am-3:15pm
Session 2: July 31-August 4, 9am-3pm

Rising 3rd-4th Graders

Wild Water Explorers

Dive into this wet and wonderful camp filled with experiments, activities, crafts and animal encounters! Explore rivers, oceans and wetlands while learning about the amazing properties of water and the wildlife that depends on it. $270/$227 members.

Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm

Session 1: July 10-14
Session 2: August 7-11

Rising 4th-5th Graders

Junior Animal Keeper Camp

Calling all animal enthusiasts! Discover what it takes to care for the animals at Maymont. Join aquarists and animal keepers during daily tasks like feeding and making enrichment treats. $165/$139 members.

Monday-Friday, 9:15am-12:15pm

Session 1: June 19-23 FULL
Session 2: June 26-30

Habitat Scramble

Enjoy fast-paced games and activities as we explore local habitats and the wildlife that dwell there. Solve puzzles, riddles and clues along the way. $270/$227 members.

Monday-Friday, 9:15am-3:15pm

Session 1: July 17-21
Session 2: July 31-August 4

Rising 6th-8th Graders

Senior Animal Keeper Camp

Dream of working with animals? This is your chance to shadow aquarists and animal keepers during their daily tasks. Make treats, train animals, feed fish, and meet animal care specialists. $270/$227 members.

Monday-Friday, 9:15am-3:15pm

Session 1: July 10-14 FULL
Session 2: July 24-28 FULL

Myths and Mystery

The animal world isn’t always what it seems. Explore the science and history of the mysterious side of nature. You might even bust a myth or two! $165/139 members.

Monday-Friday, 9:15am-12:15pm

Session 1: July 31-August 4
Session 2: August 14-18

Ages 15- 18

Junior Naturalists

Junior Naturalists are volunteers (age 15-18) who assist in teaching younger campers about our natural environment while gaining great experience in the environmental science field and leadership skills. Earn volunteer hours while working with animals, leading stories and lessons, and preparing crafts, activities, and experiments. Volunteers must commit to attending a training session and volunteering at least three morning camps or two full day camps. Camps occur at various times between May and August and volunteers will be able to choose which camps and days they will attend. Detailed information and instruction will be provided at the training session.

Interested students must submit a volunteer application, a one page cover letter detailing why they are interested in this program as well as why they would be a good fit for the program, and one reference letter from a teacher, employer or other volunteer supervisor. Applications due by Wednesday, May 31. Questions? Email our Volunteer Coordinator or call 804-358-7166, ext. 327.