Spring Break

Monday-Friday, April 10-14, 2017

Spend spring break week at Maymont! Indoor exhibits including Maymont Mansion and the Nature Center will be open all week (even on Monday, when they are usually closed), and there will be something fun to do every day! Most programs require advance registration. Go to our event calendar to register online.

Pinwheels & Pastimes

Monday-Friday, April 10-14, 1-3pm, Maymont Mansion Lawn
Join in an old-fashioned play party with the games and toys that amused boys and girls 100 years ago. People from the past encourage you to try your hand at hoops, make a toy, or compete in races and other fun games from yesteryear. Free!

A Rabbit on the Cabinet

Monday-Friday, April 10-14, 2-2:30pm, Maymont Mansion
Discover the enchanting home of Major and Mrs. Dooley as their nieces and nephews must have seen it more than 100 years ago. Find a lion in the fireplace, a swan in the bedroom, a rabbit on the cabinet and more as the wonders within the mansion are revealed to children of all ages. $5 per person.

The Secret Life of a Victorian House

Monday-Friday, April 10-14, 3-3:45pm, Maymont Mansion
The Dooleys’ housemaid brings the mansion to life during a family-friendly tour of the upstairs and downstairs of their grand home. Climb the backstairs to discover hidden doors and bells as you experience life and work at the estate 100 years ago. $6 per person/$4 members.

Family Scavenger Hunt

Monday, Wednesday and Friday, April 10, 12 & 14, 10am-12pm, Maymont Grounds
Explore Maymont’s 100 acres in a whole new way! Crack secret codes for clues, and use maps and riddles to find your way around the estate in this family-friendly scavenger hunt. Different difficulty levels are available. Ages 4 and older; adult must accompany child. $15 per family or group (up to four people)/$12 members. Limited space for walk-ups. Register online.

Behind the Scenes

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, April 10, 12 & 14, 1-1:30pm and 2:30-3pm, Nature Center
Get a special peek at the inner workings of the Nature Center. Thirteen aquariums and more than 200 animals require more care than meets the eye. Ages 5 and older; adult must accompany child. $6 per person/$3 members (includes Nature Center admission). Register at the Visitor Center desk on the day of the program. (Groups of 5 or more must register in advance).

Animal Encounters

Tuesday and Thursday, April 11 & 13, 11am-12pm, Nature Center
Meet some of Maymont’s animal ambassadors during scaly, feathered and furry close encounters. Visit with alligators, snakes and turtles, birds of prey, and animals of the Chesapeake Bay. $8 per person/$6 members (includes Nature Center admission). Register online.

Animal Enrichment

Tuesday and Thursday, April 11 & 13, 1:30-2:30 pm, Farm Classroom
Do animals enjoy puzzles, games, toys and treats? They do! Come assist Maymont staff in making enrichment items for our bobcat, fox, bears, otters and more. Deliver them to the animals and watch as they engage in the fun! Ages 5 and older; adult must accompany child. $15 per person/$12 members. Register online.

Fairy Chase

Thursday, April 13, 10:30am-12pm, Garden Hall
Do you believe in fairies? Enjoy a magical morning filled with whimsy and make-believe. Play games, make wishes, hear stories and receive your very own wings and wand as you learn what fairies like to do and where they like to hide. Imaginative clues guide you around the lawns of Maymont as you search for the winged creatures, finding treasures along the way. This enchanting program concludes with a sweet treat of fairy cakes and lemonade. Meet at Maymont’s Carriage House. Ages 4-8. $22 per child/$18 members. Parents are welcome to observe the program. Register online by April 12.