Swan White

Herbs Galore Vendor Responsibilities

Please be advised that all vendors are expected to be responsible garden stewards by not bringing any plants included on the Virginia State Invasive Species List. Also, due to the continuing spread of Boxwood Blight, vendors are expected to comply with the Cleanliness Program outlined by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Maymont expects all vendors at Herbs Galore & More to abide by the following guidelines:
  1. All vendors must comply with public health and safety guidelines determined by Maymont Foundation.
  2. Vendors must be set up and open for sales from 8am to 3pm, rain or shine. Vendors are required to have an attendant at their booths during the entire event and are required to remain until the end of the event. If for any reason you must leave your booth, provisions for coverage are your responsibility.
  3. Vendors must set up and break down their own tent if using one. Maymont does not provide tents.
  4. Please remove all vehicles from the marketplace area immediately after unloading.
  5. For the safety of our guests, no vehicles will be allowed to drive in after 7am or move in or out of the event before 3:15pm. If you require a supply delivery during the day you should plan to meet the delivery vehicle outside the Hampton gate and move items back to your booth with a hand cart.
  6. Balloons are not allowed in your booth or on Maymont property.
  7. Subletting or licensing of space by the vendor, or sharing of the space not authorized in writing by Maymont is prohibited. Vendors should only exhibit any merchandise or service that was listed in their contract.
  8. Assigned spaces cannot be relocated without the prior consent of a Maymont staff person.
  9. If electricity is needed, vendors are responsible for providing their own generator and operating it in a safe manner. Whisper generators are recommended and appreciated.
  10. Signage or banners may not exceed the height of your tent.
  11. Early breakdown of your booth may result in forfeiture of your booth space for the following year.
  12. Please provide a copy of your Certificate of Insurance which shows general liability and worker’s compensation coverage with limits of liability not less than one million dollars no later than April 2, 2022.
  13. Vendors are required to clearly display prices on all merchandise.
  14. A nonrefundable $35 registration fee (or $50 late registration fee after February 18, 2022) must be received with the Vendor Contract. Vendors agree to submit to Maymont Foundation a commission payment of 15% of gross proceeds (including any orders taken at the event). A reconciliation report will be provided for you the day of the event. This report should be completed at checkout time the day of the event or no later than five business days after completion of the event. Failure to submit your 15% commission payment within the above timeframe may result in forfeiture of your booth space for the following year.
  15. Maymont cannot guarantee booth space will be available for contracts and fees received after April 2, 2022.
  16. No-show vendors may forfeit booth space for the following year.
  17. Pets are not allowed on Maymont property.
  18. A nonrefundable table rental fee of $11 per six-foot table ordered is due with your signed contract.
  19. Vendors must handle their own cash, including sales tax and change funds. All tax reporting is the responsibility of each vendor.
  20. Plants or other items damaged in transport or by environmental conditions may be discounted and sold, provided the customer is informed of the particular distress. These items should be clearly marked as “sold as is” or “without a warranty.”
  21. All plants are to be grown by the vendors or their agents from seed or cuttings. Further, vendors pledge that all of their plants have been obtained in an appropriate manner, that no plant was collected from wetlands or other environmentally sensitive areas, and that no endangered or threatened plant was collected from its natural habitat. Vendors guarantee that all plants sold are healthy, in good condition, and have been properly maintained with no diseases or insects/pests.
  22. All vendors are expected to maintain the highest standards of conduct and treat all guests in a pleasant, professional and respectful manner.
  23. All trash/waste should be placed in an appropriate receptacle and not left behind in your vendor location. Failure to clean your space before departing may result in forfeiture of booth space for the following year. Be sure to flatten all boxes and please recycle.
  24. Any rental tables and/or chairs should be broken down/flattened and moved and stacked in the designated area at the end of the festival.

Food Vendors:

  1. All food vendors must have a Class K fire extinguisher in their booth/truck.
  2. If you have not yet paid the yearly fee to the Richmond City Health District, please submit a completed Application for Temporary Health Permit to Maymont no later than March 10, 2022 with the requested fee. Maymont will forward a copy of the application in early March.
  3. Appropriate food vendor licenses must be on display at your sales area, and you must maintain food safety standards as outlined by the Health Department.
  4. Used cooking oil must be taken off site by the food vendor for proper disposal.

Maymont will provide:

  • Outdoor space for setup; tent not included. (Size of space depends on location and product. Contact Amber Garcia with specific requests.)
  • Two complimentary chairs for your area, if requested (see contract.)
  • Marketing and promotion for the event.


The event will be held rain or shine. All fees are non-refundable.