From One Garden to Another

Visit the FOGA booth during Herbs Galore & More, Saturday, April 24, 2021, 8am-3pm.

The concept of From One Garden to Another (FOGA) is similar to that of a plant swap where the plants are not in fancy containers or in perfect shape, but they are perfect to take a chance on! Gently-used, non-plant items such as garden tools, decorative pots and lawn furniture make this eco-friendly “recycling” booth even better.

Have items to donate? Here are a few guidelines:

  • Pot Your Plants
    Please have all donated plants potted, well-watered and ready for sale. Plants may be potted in heavy paper cups, milk jugs, soda bottles or similar containers. We also accept un-potted bulbs in bags.
  • Label Your Plants
    Label your plants using masking tape or a popsicle stick indicating the plant’s name, color, size and growing requirements (dry, wet, sunny, shade) if possible. If you are unsure of the plant name, let us know if you grow it in sun or shade.
  • Items NOT Accepted
    We are unable to accept any pesticides or chemicals.

Donation Drop-Off

Donations will be accepted 10am-4pm Monday, April 12-Friday, April 23, and Saturday morning of the event, April 24, from 8-10am. Donations may be dropped off at the Gazebo on the left just inside Maymont’s Historic Estate entrance. If no one is at the Gazebo, feel free to leave your donations. Please include your name and mailing or email address with your items (or on the clipboard in the Gazebo). If you have a large number of plants or a large non-plant donation, call 804-358-7166, ext. 362 or email us to make special drop-off arrangements.


Acuba – Gold Dust
Aquilegia – Columbine “Canyon Vista”
Autumn Fern
Back Eyed Susans
Bell Flower – Campanula punctata
Blue Aster
Bolivian Wandering Jew Basket
Boule Gourd plants and seeds
Bush Bamboo
Butterfly Bush
Buxus “graham blandy”
Canna Lilies
Catherine Nettle
Cedar Saplings
Corydalis lutea – yellow
Creeping Jenny
Cryptomeria – Black Dragon
Cryptomeria giokomo
Datura – Nightshade seeds
Daylilies – multiple colors
Dwarf Crested Iris – Iris cristata – purple
Elephant Ears Bulbs
English Ivy Basket
Forget Me Nots
Gunnera (dinosaur food)
Hardy Begonia

Hardy Gloxinia Bulbs
Heirloom tomatoes
Hellebores – Stinky Rose
Helleborus foetidus
Holly – Native
Hosta – variegated; lime green; golden tiara
Hyacinth Bean Vine seeds
Ilex Hoogendorn
Iris – Heirloom
Iris – siberica – purple
Iris – yellow water iris
Iris- yellow flag
Italian Goliath Tomatoes
Ivy – Hedera helix “Pittsburgh”
Jacob’s Ladder
Japanese Aster
Japenese Red Maple
Juniperus procumbens
Kalimaris hortensia
Lamb’s Ear
Lemon thyme
Loosestrife – Yellow
Mazus Reptans
Monarda – Bee Balm
Mondo Grass
Mother-in-Law Tongue
Obedient Plant – White and Purple
Ostrich Fern
Parlor Palm
Pearl Bush
Pencil Evergreens
Pepper – Privitot green pepper

Purple Asters
Rose Campion- Lychnis
Rose of Sharon
Rosemary cuttings
Rudbeckia laciniata – Cut-leaf coneflower
Scented geraniums
Sedum – Autumn Joy
Sedum – stonecrop
Sedum – yellow flowered
Shasta Daisey
Sheffield Pinks Chrysanthemum
Shooting Star Hydrangea
Snow in Summer – Cerastiumtomentosum
Soloman’s Seal
Spider Plant
St. John’s Wart
Strawberry Geranium
Strawberry plants in straw hats
Sun Drop
Swedish Ivy
Sweet Woodruff
Tea Camillia
Thai Plant
Toad Flax
Toad’s Lily – Tricyrtis
Varigated Artesmia
Vinca Baskets
Yarrow – Osteis Rose
Zebra Grass