Virtual Learning Series: Teacher Appreciation

For Teacher Appreciation Week, Maymont Environmental Educator Irmarie put together some of her favorite lessons from Maymont’s database for you to download and use in your virtual classroom.

One of my favorite springtime activities is visiting my local parks to explore the streams and creeks. There is nothing like getting outdoors to see how the water flows through the different nooks of trees and rocks, and to observe how the aquatic plants move with each ripple. I hope this post will bring some inspiration for your students to take a journey into nature.

Activity #1: Wetland Word-Seek

I always recommend starting students with a simple activity that will introduce them to what they might be seeing/learning. With the Wetland Word-Seek, students will be learning about wetlands and also types of animals/habitats they might encounter. This activity is a great way to start for students that may have an apprehension towards the outdoors and the animals that wander about.

Activity #2: Mini Wetland Model

With this second activity, students will learn the purpose of wetlands and why they are important. This activity will provide students a hands-on activity and get their imagination running. Students will experience how wetlands filter the water that runs through it. From here, you can discuss with students why filtering water is important and brainstorm places that could benefit.

Activity #3: Humpty Dumpty

With this final activity, students will learn the importance of conserving our wetlands. They will see how difficult it is to restore wetlands once they are damaged. I hope this will instill in them a sense of action. By seeing that they can make a difference, hopefully, will lead your students to advocate for others to do so as well.


I want to especially send my thanks to the thousands of teachers who have been staying strong during this time. You have had to change your classroom to bring it into the homes of your students. You are what keeps our future moving and our students motivated. Thank you for all that you do daily. In these times where we are at home, the transition into the outside world may come with apprehension. Maymont is here to help you provide your students with fun, yet educational activities to get them outdoors. With these 3 activities, I hope to introduce those who may be skittish about the outdoors into the beautiful world of wetlands, their importance to our planet and the difficulty in restoring them once they are damaged.


Teachers, our Environmental Educators are available to help you with ideas for lessons or to answer questions your curious students might have. Contact them today!

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