Virtual Learning Series, Part 3

Looking for some ideas to delight, educate and inspire you and your family at home? The Maymont Environmental Education Team has some great suggestions.

Take a look at this week’s recommendations from Environmental Educator, Irmarie.

Book Suggestion: City of Ember: Book 1 by Jeanne DuPrau

This book demonstrates how people can be afraid, brave and curious all at once. It provides food for thought about the circumstances of choosing job professions and the ever-changing environment and society. In a way The City of Ember provides entertainment and is a fun read, it has popular ratings by both adults and children. It can be a bonding time for family with its extraordinary journey.

Craft Suggestion: Up-cycled Planters

This craft will help open your family’s eyes to things in your household that you thought had no other use that can be transformed. Have empty plastic bottles, of any size, that you were just going to recycle? Take it out of the recycling bin and grab some scissors, with adult supervision of course, and get to transforming! Turn those empty bottles into planters. You can plant native flowers or even herbs that you can use in your cooking. Have the whole family give your “trash” new life. Share your finished product on social media using #Maymont.

Favorite Animal Fact:

Wolves have about 200 million scent cells. Humans have only about 5 million. Wolves can smell other animals more than one mile away.

Movie Suggestion: Chasing Coral (Netflix)

Dive underwater and take a journey with scientists and photographers as they document the disappearance of coral reefs. Learn more about how the coral reefs have diminished and what current society is trying to do to help save them.

YouTube Video Suggestion: 8 Useful Technologies Inspired by Nature

We like to think nature and technology are two separate entities. However, most advancement in technology has come from the observation of nature. Animals inspire new technologies that make human life easier and more enjoyable. This video will give you just a glimpse of a whole new world.

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