Supporter Profile: Ken Venos

Ken Venos Supporter Profile


Describe your first Maymont memory. How did you end up at Maymont for the first time? Were you with family or friends?
My first visit was January of 2014. I had decided to become a volunteer and walked into the park through the Nature Center. I was stunned by the view.

Describe your most recent visit to Maymont. Were you with family or friends?
I volunteer four days a week helping with the grounds. I was at Maymont this past Friday working on some trees. The weather was perfect.

What has surprised you most about the Maymont experience over the years?
I have been impressed by the skill and devotion of the horticulture staff.

In what ways do you support Maymont and what inspires you to do so?
I try to contribute volunteer time to the horticulture department. I also have set up a monthly monetary contribution to support the purchase of equipment for the horticulture department.

In one sentence, how would you describe Maymont to someone who has never heard of it before?
A rare opportunity to glimpse the past while supporting the future of one of Richmond’s most valuable assets.

You have to use one vegetable from Jack’s Vegetable Garden in the making of a main course. Which vegetable would you chose and what would you make?
Carrots…believe it or not there is a great recipe turning carrots into vegan hot dogs!

What time of year do you enjoy most at Maymont and why?
The winter when the crowds are down and you can appreciate the architecture of the grounds. 

Now it’s your turn! Ask a question for the next supporter interviewee to answer.
How can Maymont “connect” with the next generation of Maymont supporters? How can Maymont truly become a part of today’s social network?

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