Get to Know Garden Glow: Tokyo Market Sushi

An enchanting new experience will brighten nights at Maymont this fall as the Japanese Garden becomes a mesmerizing, illuminated landscape for “Garden Glow.” Get to know some of the events’ entertainers in this mini blog series!

The following post is by Chong Akiba of Tokyo Market in Carytown.

Garden Glow is on a roll, and tonight, it’ll be a sushi roll! We’re pleased to welcome Chong Akiba of Tokyo Market to the event this evening, Monday, November 5, to demonstrate her skills. Here’s what she had to say about sushi and her presentation tonight:

The origin of sushi is at least as old as the 14th century, but the kind of sushi the American people are familiar with began in the early 19th century in Japan.

At Garden Glow, I would like to introduce home-cooking sushi, which includes Futomaki (thick roll), Hosomaki (thin roll), Inari (seasoned tofu-skinned sushi), and Hakozushi (boxed sushi). Among these, Hosomaki and Inari are often served in restaurants, but the traditional Futomaki and Hakozushi are rarely seen. I would like the guests to enjoy the variety of sushi they don’t see in restaurants.

This is the first time I am involved in this event, so I am very excited. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to show part of the Japanese culture through this event. I hope everyone will enjoy the Garden Glow event and my sushi, in particular.

Get your tickets to Garden Glow to see the Japanese Garden in lights and enjoy Japanese cultural activities and entertainment. The event runs nightly from 6-10pm through November 11.

Photo from Flickr Creative Commons.

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