5 Things to Remember When Training Your Pet…or Even a Goat



Get ready! The Farm at Maymont is opening this Sunday, March 26, and everyone, especially the goats, are excited! The animals, with help from our animal trainers, have prepped and practiced to show off their new tricks during the re-opening celebration and throughout the year. Lucky for us, we got a sneak peek yesterday so we can share with you 5 things to remember when training your pet (even if it’s a goat):

1) Positive Reinforcement: Rewarding your animal with treats tells them they are doing a good job!

2) Reinforce Natural Behaviors: Our animal trainers work really hard to reinforce behaviors, such as standing on hind legs which allows goats to reach low hanging trees, walking planks as sometimes goats’ environments are rocky and narrow, and even waving — a way goats use to communicate with each other. These natural behaviors are easier for our goats to understand and emulate.

3) Brain Stimulation: Working with your animal gives them a mental workout which helps keep them engaged and healthy.

4) It’s a Conversation: Listen to the clues and body language shown by your furry or feathered friend. Learning new tricks is hard, so don’t force it. Use small steps and readjust so the animal remains engaged, interested and learns to trust you.

5) Fun: Remember — this is fun! Don’t stress too much if your animal doesn’t pick up on the trick right away. Slow and steady gets results.

Watch some animal training in action during the Farm Re-Opening Celebration and other upcoming programs and events at Maymont.

Maymont Farm Re-Opening Celebration
Sunday, March 26, 2017, 12-4pm

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