Otter Cam

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You “Otter” See This!

Enjoy an “otterly” adorable view from the comfort of your own home. These amazing aquatic animals are extremely social and often frolic in the water or wrestle with each other on land. Otters love tobogganing and will slide down on their bellies into the water, jump out, run to the top of the slide, and go again.

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TEMPORARY CLOSING: November 1, 2019 – Early Spring 2020
The Robins Nature Center is closed temporarily for renovation of the exhibits and lobby. Learn more.

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Animal Encounters

Enjoy a guided, animal-themed tour including areas rarely seen by the public. Your two-hour adventure includes a visit behind the scenes at the bobcat exhibit where you’ll be close enough to hear this secretive feline purr! You and your guests will also take a look at the Nature Center’s giant aquarium system and some of our favorite educational animals, and enjoy a relaxing ride through the estate in Maymont’s “limo” golf cart with stops to see bald eagles, black bears and other wildlife. Find out more.





Animal Training Adventures

Animal Encounters

Whether you dream of working with wildlife or just want some close encounters of the animal kind, our new Animal Training Adventures are perfect for you! Enjoy exclusive access to animal experiences never before offered at Maymont, learn how and why to train various species, and practice your new skills with our resident birds, reptiles and mammals. Find out more.