Children’s Farm

ADVISORY FOR GUESTS: The Maymont Children’s Farm, including the barn and adjacent parking lot, is closed for renovation and improvements. The re-opening date has not been scheduled, but work is expected to continue until this fall 2016. Guests can still access the estate through the Nature & Visitor Center and Historical Estate (Hampton Street) entrances, and the majority of livestock will remain on-site, visible in the farm pastures during the day and spending nights in a temporary shelter.

Get a closer look at farm life at Maymont’s hands-on, family-friendly Children’s Farm. Each morning, the Children’s Farm animals are brought out to pasture, weather permitting, and return to the barn mid-afternoon. Guests may purchase feed for the animals from 10am-3:30 pm. Designated feed machines accept quarters only.

Animal Encounters

Maymont also offers unique animal experiences featuring behind-the-scenes tours. Find out more about these exclusive opportunities.

Animals at the Children’s Farm

Unwanted Pets and Rescues

We do not accept wild or domestic animal donations. All wildlife animals at Maymont have come to us through licensed rehabilitators and agencies. These animals have been orphaned or sustained permanent injuries that prevent them from surviving in the wild without assistance.


While we love all animals, please be aware that pets are not permitted at Maymont. Service animals are welcome.