Maymont Farm

Farm Pastures and Wildlife Exhibits, Daily, 10am-5pm (weather permitting)
$5 per person suggested admission

Friendly farm animals are the big draw at the Maymont Farm, a popular destination for families and animal lovers. The area offers hands-on animal encounters and insight into farm life where children and adults alike are delighted by the crow of a rooster, the feel of a sheep’s wool and the nudge of a hungry goat. Look for feed machines on-site to purchase treats for your furry pals.

The original barn and pastures were completed in 1960, and the farm site was relocated in 1983 to accommodate larger facilities for the animals in a more accessible location for guests. Maymont was not a farm during the Dooleys’ time, but this well-loved corner of the estate now is a hub of activity and home to goats, sheep, chickens, domestic rabbits, donkeys, cows, pigs and horses. Surrounding the barn and pastures, guests enjoy open spaces for picnics and play time as well as a variety of gardens.

Animal Encounters

Maymont also offers unique animal experiences featuring behind-the-scenes tours. Find out more about these exclusive opportunities.

Animals at the Maymont Farm

Adopt an Animal

You don’t have to spend a fortune to help care for your furry, feathered and finned friends at Maymont, and your symbolic adoption will benefit the animals plus the thousands of guests who visit and learn from them each year. Symbolic adoptions make great gifts for anyone who loves animals and are a unique way for a business or club to give back to the community. They also can serve as educational tools for students. Best of all, you can visit your adopted animal at Maymont and see the results of your generous support. For more information, email us or call 804-358-7166, ext. 330. Find out more.

Animal Rescue

We do not accept wild or domestic animals from the public. All wild animals in our care at Maymont have come through licensed rehabilitators and agencies. These animals were orphaned or sustained permanent injuries that prevent them from surviving in the wild. Our possession and exhibition of migratory bird(s) is by permission of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. If you have an injured or orphaned animal that needs human care and intervention, email ARK (Area Rehabbers Klub)  or call 804-598-8380. Or look for a licensed rehabilitator in your area on the Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries website.


While we love all animals, please be aware that pets are not permitted at Maymont. Service animals are welcome.