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wedding faqs


Do wedding/private/corporate packages include the food?

All food and beverage is contracted separately by the renter.  The renter is required to use a caterer from our Approved Caterers list for all rentals in the Garden Hall and the Nature and Visitor Center.  It is the client’s responsibility to contact the caterers and secure food and beverage service through them. Caterers can also assist you with your equipment rental needs including table linens, glassware, etc.

Will the approved caterers on your list be available for my event?

There are multiple caterers on our approved list. We recommend you contact them early to receive bids and proposals. It is the Renter’s responsibility to secure the caterer. 

Can we use our own caterer?

To do so you must obtain advanced written authorization by the Special Events Department to use any caterer not on our Approved Caterers list.  There is an additional fee of $600 for using an outside caterer. Outside caterers must be licensed and insured, they must provide Maymont with a certificate of liability insurance, health department permit, and ABC license.  They are required to meet with the Special Event Coordinator at least 3 months prior to the event, and must sign the Caterer’s Responsibilities agreement. Failure to comply with the responsibilities in the agreement may result in Cleaning/Damage charges to the client.

Can we provide our own alcohol?

Arrangements for the purchase of alcohol are made between the client and their caterer. All alcoholic beverages must be served by a licensed and insured caterer and all alcoholic beverage bars must be professionally staffed at all times. Alcohol is only permitted within rented spaces, and all events must comply with ABC regulations. 

General Event Questions

What is included in the room rental?

The following furniture is included in the room:
Garden Hall: 100 chairs, 10 six-foot rectangular and 10 five-foot round tables, 7 cocktail tables, 1 four foot round table, and a podium. 
Nature & Visitor Center: 100 Chairs, 15 six foot rectangular tables, 7 cocktail tables, 1 four foot round table, and a podium.
Stone Barn: 50 chairs, 10 six foot rectangular tables, 2 half round tables
Italian Garden: 32 chairs
Japanese Garden: 30 Chairs

How many people can the spaces accommodate?

Garden Hall: 150 buffet/cocktail, 80 seated at round tables
Italian/Japanese Garden: 150 (30 seated, 120 standing)
Robins Nature & Visitor Center:
      Entire Building: 500 cocktail
      EEC & WT: 250 buffet/cocktail, 150 seated avail April – Nov
      EEC: 100 lecture style
      Robins Room: 20 conference style
Stone Barn: 50 lecture or buffet/cocktail style, 22 conference style

Can we meet with a Special Events staff person on the weekends?

Appointments are offered Monday–Friday between 9am–4pm and must be scheduled in advance. 

Can we use furniture from the Garden Hall on the patio?

The only Maymont furniture permitted on the patio are the 7 cocktail tables and one rectangular table. Any other furniture the client wishes to set up on the patio must be rented and the layout approved in advance by the Special Events Department.  Maymont furniture used outdoors must be placed inside the Garden Hall at the conclusion of the event.  Failure to do so will result in a Cleaning/Damage fee charged to the client.

Who sets up the tables and chairs?

Maymont staff will set up Maymont tables and chairs prior to the event only if a detailed floor plan/layout is received at least 7 days in advance. All floor plans must be approved in advance by the Special Events Department.  In most cases your caterer or the rental company will set up any rented equipment/furniture.

Does Maymont provide tablecloths/linens or china/glassware/flatware?

Maymont does not have these items.  Our approved caterers will gladly work with you to secure rental of all food, beverage, and equipment needs.  

Can I have a dance floor?

Dance floors may be used on the West Terrace at the Nature Center.  Dance floors are not permitted in the Garden Hall.

Can events continue past 10pm? Do my guests have to leave at 10pm?

Maymont is in a residential area therefore all functions must end by 10pm.  Caterers and vendors must begin breakdown promptly at 10pm, they have until 11pm to finish cleaning up and exit the property.  Failure to exit the property by 11pm may result in cleaning & damage charges to the client.

Can I hire a band/dj for my event?

Yes. For Garden Hall rentals, amplified music is only permitted inside the Garden Hall. At the Nature Center amplified music must be under the tent on the West Terrace so as not to disturb the animal habitats.  Depending on the size of the band or the electric needs, rental of a generator may be required at the Nature Center and Garden Hall. Maymont reserves the right to control the volume of amplified sound.

What if it rains? How soon before the event do I need to decide if I am going with my rain plan?

We are prepared to host your event rain or shine. The renter is responsible for a rain plan. If the EEC & WT is rented, tent sides may be added with advance notice.  If you have rented the Garden Hall it may be used as a back up with 24 hours advance notice.

What time can my vendors begin dropping-off and may we begin setting-up?

For wedding packages using the GH and Nature Center, the site is available for deliveries and set-up two hours prior to the contracted event time. Clients and vendors arriving before the two hour set-up time may be denied access to the rented venue.  No equipment drop offs and/or deliveries will be accepted outside the given set-up time without advance written authorization from the Special Events Department. A representative of the renter or the caterer must be present to sign for all drop offs and deliveries. Unauthorized deliveries that disrupt other events/programs in progress are unacceptable and will result in the client assuming the maximum Cleaning/Damage fees.

Can we have additional set-up time?

We can determine whether additional set up time is available approximately 1 week prior to the event, due to the number of programs/classes and rentals in our facilities.  Requests for additional time require written approval from the Special Events Department and in some cases may incur an additional rental fee of $300/per hour.

Can we hang decorations from inside the tent at the Nature Center? From the ceiling at the Garden Hall?

Decorations in rental spaces at Maymont may only be attached using soft ties (fishing line, zip ties, twine, etc.). The use of glue, nails, staples, tape or anything else that can damage the structures is strictly prohibited.  Any decorations to be hung require advance written approval by Maymont.  For liability purposes, only insured professionals may hang decorations/lights under the WT tent and a copy of the company’s certificate of liability insurance is required.

What if some of my guests cannot walk to the site?

Reception spaces are handicap accessible. For Garden Hall rentals, a personal vehicle may make one trip to drop off and pick individuals only if it is specified on the Deliveries Form.  For those who may have difficulty walking to the gardens, we suggest assigning ushers specifically to assist those individuals.  With advanced notice, and for a fee, a Maymont staff person can drive an individual from the Hampton Street Entrance, to a closer point in the Italian Garden (can only guarantee 1 round trip).  However the golf cart is not capable of navigating stairs and cannot access the seating area. Ushers or family members will need to assist the individual. For Japanese Garden ceremonies, the tram can accommodate 2 standard wheel chairs (please check with the Special Events Department for motorized wheelchairs) and will off-load at the entrance of the garden. An usher or family member will need to assist the individual from the entrance to the ceremony location.

Can the Maymont Mansion be rented for my event?

The Maymont Mansion is a one-of-a-kind Gilded Age historic estate featuring the home’s original furnishings. Guided tours, carriage rides, and costumed interpreters are available and can be added to your event for a fee. To help us maintain its structural and historic integrity, events may not be held inside the Maymont Mansion. 

What color flowers will be planted in the Italian Garden this year?

The flower colors vary from year to year and are decided by Maymont’s Director of Horticulture.
March-April – tulips and pansies
May-October – roses and various annuals
November-February - pansies

May I hold my event in the Japanese/Italian Garden?

If you are looking for a scenic outdoor location to host your event the Children’s Farm Lawn or the Carriage House Lawn are a perfect option for daytime corporate or private events.  A tour of the gardens may be added to your event for a fee.  Due to the lack of electricity and lighting, events in the Japanese and/or Italian Gardens are not possible. Only ceremonies during daylight hours may be held in the gardens. 

Wedding Ceremonies

How many people can the gardens hold for my ceremony? Can I rent additional chairs?

The Italian and the Japanese gardens can hold up to 150 people each.  Maymont provides 32 chairs in the Italian Garden and 30 chairs in the Japanese Garden, the rest of your guests would stand. Due to space limitations, and to protect the historic integrity of the spaces we are unable to allow additional chairs.

Will there be someone there to coordinate the ceremony? The reception?

Maymont does not provide ceremony or reception coordination. Frequently clients ask a family member or friend to take on the responsibility of coordinating the ceremony. Your caterer may provide a banquet manager to oversee service at your reception and can assist the bride with coordinating the event. Maymont staff will be on-site to make sure the event adheres to the Rental Guidelines and to answer questions. 

May I have my pet in the ceremony? Can we release butterflies/doves at Maymont?

Pets are not allowed at Maymont as they pose a health risk to our resident animals. The release of doves/butterflies or any animal at Maymont is forbidden.

Can we use sparklers?

Open flames, including sparklers, are prohibited on the grounds at Maymont.  Candles in glass containers are permitted only in reception spaces with advanced authorization from the Special Events Department.

Can the ceremony be held in another location?

Ceremonies taking place at Maymont as part of a package take place in either the Japanese or Italian Gardens.  The gardens can hold up to 150 people, seating for 30 is provided, and no other ceremonies will be scheduled in either garden at that time.  Due to the uneven surfaces chairs can only be set up in the designated ceremony locations.  Weekday ceremonies, similar to the portrait sessions, can be scheduled Monday – Thursday in advance for a fee and can take place on the grounds at the location of your choice (excludes the Maymont Mansion).

Will the ceremony location be blocked off from the public?

The grounds at Maymont are open to the public everyday.  We do not have the ability to block access to the gardens. You may certainly place your own signs around the gardens and to direct your guests. In our experience visitors are very respectful when they come across a wedding taking place in the gardens.  Visitors sometimes stand to the side and watch for a while before continuing on their way. 

Can I have signs to direct my guests?

Yes you may produce directional signage for your event.  All signage must be removed at the conclusion of the ceremony.

Can we decorate the horses? The tram?

Small flower arrangements for the horses bridle and the carriage may be attached with the consent, and assistance of the carriage staff, and is dependent upon the horses’ temperament.  Unfortunately, due to the timing of the tram we are not able to offer early access to the tram for decorations.

Can I use a runner?

Runners may be used however they tend to pose a tripping hazard for guests.  If you decide to use one, make sure it is secured properly.

Can my flower girl drop flower petals?

Only live flower petals may be dropped on the walkway. No freeze-dried petals or artificial petals are allowed.  The use of such petals may result in cleaning & damage charges.

Is there electricity in the garden?

There is no electricity in the Japanese Garden.  Limited electricity is available in the Italian Garden.

After the Event

What am I responsible for removing from the site?

Any items you or your vendors brought on to the property (decorations, flowers, lighting, personal items, rental equipment, etc.). This includes any items in the dressing room.  Maymont is not responsible for any items left on the property and we reserve the right to charge Cleaning/Damage fees for any items not removed.

When will Cleaning/Damage fees be charged?

The credit card you provide for the Cleaning/Damage fees will be held until the end of the event.  After the event, Maymont staff will assess the areas rented to determine if any damages have occurred, or excessive cleaning is required as a result of your event.  If the area is found to be left in an unsatisfactory condition, you will be notified and the card charged.  Cleaning/Damage fees may also be charged for failure to comply with regulations set forth in the Rental Contract and Rental Guidelines.

Contact the Special Events Department at or 804-358-7166, ext. 309 for other questions.

Peak season is April through October.

Spring-Fall Wedding Packages (April-October)

Saturday Package Options

Exclusive Package: $7,800
Customized event timing to meet your needs.

Midday Package: $2,800
11am ceremony; reception until 3pm

Evening Package: $3,500
6pm ceremony; reception until 10pm (may be extended until 11pm for $300)

Garden Ceremony-Only Package: $1,500
Italian or Japanese Garden at 11am or 2pm


Exclusive Package: $3,500
Customized event timing to meet your needs.

Afternoon Package: $2,500
2pm ceremony; reception until 6pm

Garden Ceremony-Only Package: $1,000
Italian or Japanese Garden at 11am, 2pm or 6pm

*Other Sunday options may be available, please call for more details. Saturday rates apply for Sunday packages on holiday weekends including Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day.


Midday Garden Hall Reception: $1,500

Evening Garden Hall Reception: $2,200
6-10pm (may be extended until 11pm for $300)

Nature Center Reception: $2,500
6-10pm (may be extended until 11:00PM for $300)

Winter Wedding Packages (November-March)

Saturday and Sunday packages*

Winter Exclusive Package: $3,000
Customized event timing to meet your needs.

Winter Midday Package: $1,500
11am ceremony; reception until 3pm

Winter Afternoon Package: $1,700
2pmceremony; reception until 6pm

Winter Evening Package: $2,000
6pm ceremony; reception until 10pm (may be extended until 11:00PM for $300). Indoor only; garden not available after 5pm due to sunset.

Winter Garden Ceremony Package: $800
Italian or Japanese Garden at 11am or 2pm

*Carriage ride may be added to Winter Wedding Packages for an additional $200.


Winter Midday Garden Hall Reception: $1,000

Winter Afternoon Garden Hall Reception: $1,000

Winter Evening Garden Hall Reception: $1,300
6-10pm (may be extended until 11pm for $300)

Winter Nature Center Reception (November only): $2,500
6-10pm (may be extended until 11:00PM for $300)


  • Italian or Japanese Garden – capacity up to 200 people, seating for 30 provided
  • Garden Hall: featuring two reception rooms, picturesque courtyard and close proximity to the gardens – up to 150 people buffet/cocktail or up to 80 people seated (Nature & Visitor Center available Saturday/Sunday evenings – up to 250 people buffet/cocktail)
  • Carriage ride for the bride and escort to the ceremony (Spring-Fall Wedding Packages only; may be added to Winter Wedding Packages for $200)
  • Bridal dressing room
  • Bridal/engagement portrait session with dressing room (provide your own photographer)
  • Ceremony rehearsal in the garden
  • Discount on room rental if you choose to hold your rehearsal dinner in the Garden Hall or Nature Center

Download our Wedding Packet for complete details. For more information, contact our special events department by email or at 804-358-7166, ext. 309. *Rates are subject to change