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This position reports to the Associate Executive Director and is responsible for maintenance and repairs of Maymont’s plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems along with carpentry repairs, masonry repairs, small engine repairs and building improvements.

Knowledge and ability to trouble shoot and repair: Plumbing, supply and waste systems; Electrical systems including low voltage lighting, water and sewer pump systems, exhibit lighting; trim carpentry level work on both modern and historic structures plus direct contractors; masonry repairs, such as repointing, setting of stones; diagnose and repair small  engines on mowers, line trimmers, chain saws etc; HVAC - filter changes, monitor and change set-points on computerized controls.

Minimum five years experience in construction/maintenance with some supervisory experience preferred. Valid drivers's license.  Must pass pre-employment background and DMV check.

Position is full time with benefits including health, dental, life and disability insurance as well as generous paid time off program.

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Manager of ANIMAL training

Responsible for the conditioning and maintenance of the animal collection through husbandry and training programs.  Reports to the Director of Habitats / Nature Center.  Takes the lead in coordination of animal training duties and works closely with all members of the Zoology and Environmental Education departments.  Carries out all animal keeper responsibilities as assigned.

Supervises the daily operation of all animal training programs including animal presentations, presentation production criteria, ensuring consistent delivery and improvement of animal programs and problem solving using animal training.
Supervises the behavioral enrichment intern(s) and other related volunteers.
Carries out all aspects of daily animal keeper responsibilities including animal husbandry, exhibit maintenance, operant conditioning, enrichment, daily records, and performance of education activities using animal training. 
Participates in exhibit improvement, design, animal display arrangements and other planning as needed.

Bachelor degree or equivalent in biological sciences or psychology required.  At least two years as a Senior level Animal Trainer or Animal Keeper required.  Experience in animal restraint and handling, use of operant conditioning techniques required.

Knowledge of animal husbandry to include disease and parasite control, animal nutrition, animal breeding, animal behavior and animal training.   Knowledge of native mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes of Virginia is preferred. Ability to perform manual work required including lifting / carrying at least 50 pounds, climbing, crawling and jumping.  Ability to work in inclement weather throughout the year.  Must be willing to work weekend and holidays if required.  Will be required to pass employer-provided Basic First Aid and CPR training and receive pre-exposure rabies vaccine.  Must be knowledgeable about safety precautions and be willing to work with normal hazards associated with an animal care facility 

Position is full time with benefits.

Must pass pre-employment background check.

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